friend just emailed this to me. I have no comment on it, but just
want to offer it as possibly useful info:

Hi Rick,..Happy ANZAC day,

An update. MSG32 error....
I completed the update to GS 2.54 and within a short time I was
confronted with (never seen before) \"msg32 error\" and total crash
every time. Complete lockup, reboot required. (I have 1 gig RAM)

Panic is a good word for it.

My system loads a default performance which includes all the gigs I
use for live, about 50 files, which are loaded per song by
sequenced \"Program Changes\".

I noticed that the error appeared only at the end of the loading
process right at the point of the instruments showing up in the
channel slots.

I made the following changes, and this now works for me!

I managed to start GS empty, and then loaded all the gigs required
for my performance one by one and detached them all one by one.(all
channels empty), with 50 gig files in \"Loaded Instruments\".
I then loaded into the channels (slots) only the most required,
being Piano and Drums (1 very large kit used for everything.) and as
I said the files are loaded to the slots on a per song basis
by \"Program Changes\".

I saved that as my \"Default Performance\". The loading has not missed
a beat since, and the MSG error has not appeared again.

My \"Default Performance\" is still the same size as the original that
received the error.

I suspect that this error is directly related to available memory,
but is more likely to show up when all the channels (slots) are
loaded in a saved performance.

Perhaps you may wish to share this with the forum. It may not work
for everyone, but for those of us wanting to do the \"live\" thing
it\'s a good maybe.

My system is Win 98se lite, 933 mhz, 1 gig ram, 100 gig 7200 HD,
2496 Audiophile with op system and GIG ST on separate drive.
I use this system as a sound source in a one space rack unit without
screen or keyboard. There is a batch file which loads both GS and
then the performance, and then after an appropriate time Native
instruments \"B4\". The sequencer is located in a Laptop.