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Topic: Gigasampler and Logic together

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    Gigasampler and Logic together

    I propose to run the gigasampler with logic on a P2 400. I only use the midi side of logic as will sync my computer to another that runs Paris. Any of you running Logic and Giga on the same machine? Any problems with this proposed setup you forsee?

    I imagine 128 M of ram will do. Is there good reason to add more Ram?

    Finally..sorry for all the questions. If i take the time to set up complex multi with drum sounds or whatever, (and they derive from current non giga formatted sample disks)
    ..will i be able to burn them to disk as giga format or will i have to leave them on the dard drive if i wish to access them regularly?

    Thankyou for your advice in advance.


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    Re: Gigasampler and Logic together

    hi john,

    i guess it should be no problem running LAW 4 without Audio with GS. Maybe some Audio may possible additional (ASIO), but this may cause problems and even overloads your Fast machine. Logic and GS both needs a lot of RAM, so I recommend 256 Mb. You can acess GS via virtual Midi driver. I testet this setup a short time and found the timing was good. Presently I run GS on a seperete comupter, because I need Logic with full audio performance. timing of GS via external Midi in seems to be better (unitor 8, AMT)

    When You create setups for GS, you create first .gig-files with the editor, presently GS can´t work with wav directly (they have to be converted into a special streaming file format first, the gig file). of course you can burn gig´s and performances/setups to CD-ROM, but GS currently can not play or load from CD-ROM directly, so if you want to acess the sounds you have to copy them back to the harddisc first!

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    Re: Gigasampler and Logic together


    I have GS setup on a separate computer also. I’m pondering the best (and most affordable) way to work with multiple outputs from GS. In the future, I hope to get the Pulsar. I’d rather not get TWO Pulsars!$! I’d love to know how you’ve worked with this, and how you systems are setup and connected.


    PS Your posts are one of the highlights of this forum!

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    Re: Gigasampler and Logic together

    Hi Bill,

    I see your running GS on a separate computer. Do you run pc\'s?

    Im intending to run gs with logic on a separte pc and then sync it with Paris which is on another pc.

    IF your doing a similar thing, how are you achieving sync. MTC or sympte?

    The 8 outs issue is also looming. Gina was an option as gs supports i believe..but at the moment id rather settle the sync issue.
    As long as i have digital outs on the card i can put up with tracking gs parts.



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