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Topic: changing... velocity?

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    changing... velocity?

    Is it possible to edit a gig file and change how hard you have to hit the keys to reach the louder layers? with the new brass I just got I\'m pounding the keys like a maniac to hit the top layers, and all my old fanfares sound rather silly going no louder than mf at the most.
    Obviously I\'m not very good at using editors, so I\'m hoping someone out there can help?

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    Re: changing... velocity?

    It\'s quite easy-select all the regions, then click and drag the velocities, but I\'m going to suggest you buy Dave Gossett\'s tutorial. WAY worth the money.


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    Re: changing... velocity?

    pardon my ignorance, but a quick search didn\'t turn out any results....

    who is dave gossett?
    what does his tutorial cover?
    where can I get it?



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    Re: changing... velocity?

    Originally posted by devinmaxwell:
    who is dave gossett?
    what does his tutorial cover?
    where can I get it?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Dasher mistyped - It\'s David Govett and he was a Nemesys employee and the world\'s first user of GigaSampler (according to his bio), a composer, percussionist, big giga thinker and now associated with VSL among other things. http://www.davidgovett.com/

    http://www.shopteac.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=SG&Product_Cod e=A_GSM&Category_Code=A
    It covers everything GigaStudio/GigaEditor.

    Another option for you is to select a different velocity curve on your midi keyboard.

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    Re: changing... velocity?

    Thanks for the replies, I know how to do it now I actually did it right, I just didn\'t select all the regions, which is actually quite obvious and makes me feel quite dumb...

    I think I\'ll still have a look at Dave Govett\'s tutorial though, might make it easier for me to make my own samples.

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    Re: changing... velocity?

    D\'oh [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

    Yup, yup. Haven\'t been myself lately (think I\'m two other guys from Cleveland...)

    Actually was watching a Lou Gossett Jr. movie about an hour before I answered.


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