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Topic: The Windows 2000/Gigastudio mystery

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    The Windows 2000/Gigastudio mystery

    I have 2 machines, dual boot W98/2K (2K all have NTFS) Same mobos, 512 RAM, 1 Athlon 1600XP, other TBird 1333,
    1 has SW1000XG, Echo Mia, the other has Terratec EWX 2496.

    I don\'t think I have a hardware issue since all my versions of Gigastudio will run in W98. WHen I\'ve installed them in W2K they either load slow or the msg.exe causes a crash in one system.

    I have no clue why Gigastudio 24, 32 or 96 will not work in my W2K systems. I\'ve sent my GigaStudio Diagnostics to Tascam.

    I\'ve tried all the recent patches of everything and stillno luck.

    Anyone else has this experience? I would be happy to post my GigaStudio Diagnostics if you are up to the challenge.

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    Re: The Windows 2000/Gigastudio mystery

    Are you saying that the same GigaStudio executable runs on 98 butnot 2000 on your dual-boot system? To run GigaStudio on 2000, you need a special version of GigaStudio and can download it from Tascam/Nem. You cannot start with the original GS on your disk and update it for 2000. You need to start with a Win 2000 only version.

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    Re: The Windows 2000/Gigastudio mystery

    The boxed versions have all the operating systems on it.
    These are very recent copies of Gigastudio.

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