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Topic: Problem getting Grandioso to work

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    Problem getting Grandioso to work

    Hi All,

    I\'ve had some struggles with Grandioso, but I\'ve managed to resolve all but one. I seem to have an incompatibility between the Grandioso plugin and Maple. When I try to enable Grandioso I get an illegal operation and Maple shuts down. I\'m running the latest version of Maple, but I can\'t find a download of Grandioso. I\'ve emailed Michiel Post twice this week, but he must be busy or traveling. If anyone has a version of Grandioso that works with the latest version of Maple I\'d love to hear about it. Can anyone help? Thanks.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Problem getting Grandioso to work

    Hi, Steve

    I went through my mailbox for grandioso news and found this link for grandioso maple fx. I guess this is what you are looking for - I don\'t know if I am using the latest versions right now but I\'ve never had any problems with Grandioso nor maple plug-in - yet. As a matter of fact, I just posted my first giga demo today using grandioso and maple.

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: Problem getting Grandioso to work

    I\'ve never managed to get the Grandioso FX to work properly. I have installed and configured as instructed. The very last step is loading the updated art file. When I attempt this, I get a warning message about \"wave pool not exactly matching\" (about 97% does match). I\'ve tried following the steps in various orders, etc., but with the same results.

    I\'m a 100% type-of-guy, so I gave up.

    The Kontakt version should address this, however, since my understanding is that All the programming is inside the Kontakt engine (no need for the Mapple plug-in).

    One more reason to migrate to Kontakt, IMHO.


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    Re: Problem getting Grandioso to work

    Hi Nhick,

    Thanks for the link. I\'ll know later today if it works.

    Lawrence, I feel your pain, but my inertia keeps me on Giga. I\'ll post my results later today.


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    Re: Problem getting Grandioso to work

    I hope you finally got it working!

    I\'ve been discovering a lot of things about Maple MIDI Tools lately though I don\'t know if it really can function as such. For instance, I can get it to work as a MIDI router in Sonar! When I have the Grandioso plug-in running (which is, by the way the only Maple plug-in I have right now), I could actually record tracks directly in Sonar through the Maple MIDI ports instead of using GS\'s capture-to-wav. It works perfectly with other libs EXCEPT PMI Grandioso Bos where I\'d get a lot of clicks and pops. Just for PMI, I\'d use capture-to-wav.

    I don\'t know if this is right or if I am risking some sound degragation, lesser polyphony or even computer crash, but so far it works fine with me!

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    Re: Problem getting Grandioso to work

    I hope you finally got it working!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">No, I never did get it working. The problem was not with Maple. I never got that far. Applying the required .art file produced the error. I confirmed with Michiel that I was using the correct version of piano, etc., but it was never resolved.


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    Re: Problem getting Grandioso to work

    Hi All,

    After much hassle and heartache I finally got it so that Grandioso functions within Maple. So I tried a new piece I\'ve recently finished and heard thundering low notes (very low) that I hadn\'t written and didn\'t exist in the midi file. Apparently Grandioso generates it\'s own midi data and it\'s not just release samples.

    A computer failure at home has deprived me of Tom Hurchalla\'s email so I hope he reads this message. If anyone has his email please bring it to his attention. Thanks.


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