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Topic: Duplicate Instrument Number Assignments!

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    Duplicate Instrument Number Assignments!

    This is a long one, but I\'d obviously greatly appreciate any help from the experienced GS gurus out there.

    When I load all my gigs for a project, ultimately I end up with more than 127 \'instruments\' in the Loaded Instruments list. What seems to happen then is that new instruments, when loaded, are being mapped so that they share instrument numbers with previously mapped instruments. As far as I can tell, there is no way to control what \"instrument numbers\" instruments are mapped to.

    The problem is that when I save my GSP session, and later reload, I can\'t access some instruments that have been double-assigned in this way. Instead, the ports/channels that had double-mapped instruments will show up as \"empty\" when I reload the session, or the channels will load with the first instrument loaded onto that instrument number. When I try to assign the \"empty\" instrument slots again to make them match the way that the GSP was saved, only the first instrument mapped to the particular instrument number will be assigned.

    This might not make any sense, so here\'s an example.

    Garritan Violin marcato light is loaded and assigned to instrument #60.

    Later, Sam Trumpets is loaded into a different channel/port, and Gigastudio (seemingly randomly) assigns it to instrument #60 because numbers 1-127 are already filled.

    Now both the violins and trumpets are on instrument #60. If I save the session, close, and reload, the Violins will have replaced the trumpets in some, but not necessarily all the channels that the trumpet was assigned to. It seems impossible to put the trumpet back into place on the channel(s). When I try to do this, the program just insists on placing the violin there. I can replace the violins with instruments associated with OTHER instrument numbers, but if the violins and trumpets are both on #60, any attempt to load the trumpets into that channel will result in the violins loading.

    This is a big problem, mostly because Gigastudio seems to double-map instruments to the same number as a normal part of its activities. Almost all of my instruments are double mapped, but it only happens to a few (that randomly change each time the problem occurs).

    I can\'t save a large session and expect it to load with the instruments properly loaded! It even happens mid session sometimes - (e.g. the violins replace the trumpets in a channel)!

    I\'ve noticed the \"bank #\" column in the loaded instruments window, but the value is always 0 for all of my instruments. Could this be part of the problem?

    If anyone has read this far down and could offer any help, i\'d greatly appreciate it! So far, GS has been nothing but a massive buggy frustration.

    System Specs:
    PIV 1.7
    768 meg ram
    Win XP
    m-audio Delta 66


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    Re: Duplicate Instrument Number Assignments!

    check what bank number is assigned after loaded all 127 instruments.I think it is changed from 0 to 1.This is because one bank is of 127(0 to 127) 128 (1 to 128) innstruments

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    Re: Duplicate Instrument Number Assignments!

    Nah the bank is 0 again. That\'s what i think might be wrong. Does anyone else have this happen?


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    Re: Duplicate Instrument Number Assignments!

    this also happen to me.I think GS get confused when u load a entire gig instrument file(for example the whole garritan violins lite patch).
    In such a case GS assign a unique number for each instrument of the patch.Infact if u open with giga editor the patch,each instrument of the patch have assigned a p.c(program change) number.
    when u load another instrument(in gigastudio) is like GS don\'t remember the previusly assigned p.c..... .
    This ,In my experience,did not happen when u pick up a single instrument from the patch,i.e. load only the single instrument and not the whole patch.
    -also check with GS editor if the instrument have already assigned a p.c.
    if yes,change it to 0 and save the instrument.
    -Try to upgrade to the latest version of gigastudio.
    There is an issue(do not remember,may be version 2.3 or 2.4)which dissolve this problem.
    I have not test this.
    hope this help
    let us know

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    Re: Duplicate Instrument Number Assignments!

    If there is not a bug in Giga (!) then the way it works is-every time you load an instrument, if the progam assigned to it is already in use, Giga reassigns it. So if you need more than 64 instruments loaded, work out a program/bank selec editing scheme for your libraries so each instrument has a unique bank selct/program change associated.

    It\'s a lot of work initially, but then you can always use consistent bank select and program change messages for any file.


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