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Topic: What is general view of Gigastudio these days

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    What is general view of Gigastudio these days

    Hi there,
    I am one of the first users of Gigasampler/studio from way back but dropped it a while back due to VST support.
    What is happening with it these days? Nothing seems to have moved on the Tascam site for months and months. It seems Tascam is quite happy to just let the other sampler manufactures steal their lead?
    Just interested in the views of this forum?

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    Re: What is general view of Gigastudio these days

    Just read the \"Piracy\" topic, if you have all day.

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    Re: What is general view of Gigastudio these days

    Tascam, Nemesys and Gigastudio are getting a very rough time from those who want to know what V3 holds in store.

    Tascam have been EXTREMELY guarded about what they are doing. No short list of new functions, no release date etc.,

    All most of us have to go on is the original wish list and comments from a few people who have spoken privately with the Nemesys guys. Those people ALL seem extremely excited by the little they\'ve been able to glean about V3.

    The feeling I get is that Tascam believe that any users they lose in the short/medium term will return if the new product is strong enough.

    There are a couple of guys on the forums who\'ve gotten very righteous and are taking great joy in putting the boot into Tascam for appearing to be in some kind of stasis as far as Gigastudio is concerned. This being the case, if GV3 is a killer app, I wonder - will they eat humble pie and buy the update or will they stand by their posted opinions and stick with their (now outdated) \'better alternative\'?

    We will see...

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    Re: What is general view of Gigastudio these days

    I don\'t have any inside information, but I\'m confident that v3 will have 24-bits, an updated plug-in model, more layers and more polyphony. And I *really* want to be able to change the instrument numbers at the performance level. Beyond that who knows? (Well, Tascam does, but they\'re not saying. Yet.)

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