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Topic: Windows 98 and 1 gig of Ram?

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    Windows 98 and 1 gig of Ram?


    I have read various posts, about how some are having great success with having a giga of ram running in Windows 98se. I am playing around with the VCache settings.

    I looked at the site, and did not find consistent info. I might come to a solution, but
    is there anyone who could give me a

    recipe to run 1 gig of ram under windows 98?

    What are your exact settings?



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    Re: Windows 98 and 1 gig of Ram?

    Look at the following thread for the best writeup on why 512MB of Memory is a limit for Win98/SE/ME


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    Re: Windows 98 and 1 gig of Ram?

    512MB is not the limit. 1GB is. Just add these lines in your SYSTEM.INI file:


    You can change the number if you want to, but 16384 seems to work well and doesnt eat too much memory for the cache.

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    Re: Windows 98 and 1 gig of Ram?

    Same charm here with 3 Win98 machines with 1 Gb [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] - same vcache approach

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    Re: Windows 98 and 1 gig of Ram?

    same here - although the magic number for me is 32768...

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