This is strange. In GS system settings, I am having to re-enable my midi port 2 congfiguration manually every time I open a working file. At startup, i.e. on the default untitled file, the port is turned on, but if I switch to a working file, the port shows 'none' for the midi input. It is still off when I re-load a blank setup. It will stay off until I manually turn it on again. If I re-launch GS it's fine at the default, but lost as soon as I go into a working file (happens on different files).

I have switched it on several times and hit apply, a re-saved the project environment, but nothing seems to give me any consistency. I do run the VSL Perf Tool on port 1, and that is configured correctly, but I only run it on port 1.

I'm running v3.0.3, in XP, and I just did a clean unistall/re-install two days ago to solve a recurring quicksound issue (it worked-- until now).

Is this normal behaviour?

Thanks in advance