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Topic: Gigasampler effects?

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    Gigasampler effects?

    Does Gigasampler have any effects built-in? Or can I use DirectX plug-ins? I\'d like to make some kickbutt dance songs with some cutoff and resonance! yea!

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    Re: Gigasampler effects?

    Currently, No DirectX plugin support. I\'ve heard hear-say that future versions may allow for plugins. Perhaps someone can read this (hint, hint ...Dave or Joe ...) and give more specifics, but I know for now that plugins are not supported.

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    Re: Gigasampler effects?

    hi john

    hmmm you want make dance trax? Belive me GS is definitely not the right machine to do dance music. You will need fast acess to single samples, editing in playback, grabbing sounds out of the air - think about buying solid hardware. I am producing classic/scoring AND dance, and GS is the additional machine for me playing natural sounds, choirs, strings. But all the loops, FX, rhytms and so on I do with my old ASR 10, because everything is under my fingertips.
    Additional: For Rhytmtrax GS is great because of it´s good timing!



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    Re: Gigasampler effects?

    The best effects options are going to be DSP cards like the Mixtream (working great with 1.6 beta) and others. As the others come on board with support of the GSIF (GigaSampler InterFace), there will be a number of options for realtime effects in the box without using outboard effects. The Mixtream is nice since you can order the TC works reverb plugin and a host of other high quality effects and processors. Compression, chorus-flanger,delay, reverb, aural exciter, multi channel panning, eq are all availble with the Mixtream. If you run out of DSP, instead of buying more outboard effects, you can slip in another card and use any plugins you have accross multiple DSPs.
    We may work on some software effects but the DSP card option is going to give you the highest quality effects with no drag on polyphony.
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: Gigasampler effects?

    I read that future versions of GS will have FX but no direct X (own GS fx ...) so the best is still to use external effects or onboard fx if your soundcard has some.
    May Dave tell us more about this

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