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Topic: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

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    STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    Maybe somebody can help me. I recently purchased/upgraded to Sylus RMX.
    I have Cubase SX3.0 plus Hammerfall DSP multiface. When I originally installed Stylus RMX to my P-4 2.2 GHZ PC with 1 meg of ram I had no problems. RMX worked flawlessly. In fact, I was able to make all 8 chanells work without any problems. I upgraded to Cubase 3.01. Shortly after this, I had major problems with RMX. It would stutter, and eventually the audio became distorted, and eventually, RMX shut down. When I re-boot Cubase, I started with a new project and only opened RMX. RMX would not even make a sound. And as I closed the RMX page, Cubase shut down with RMX.
    I checked my buffers and made the buffers 2028 as suggested in some of the forums. I uninstalled Cubase and RMX and then put Cubase 3.0 back into operation with no problems. I then re-installed RMX, and I can not hear it when I click on the sound test in RMX. And again, as I close RMX, it takes Cubase out with it. Any help or suggestions? Original Stylus works, my Steinberg virtual synths work, my Halion works.

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    Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    did you try patch 1.1 for rmx?

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    Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    I did try the 1.1 patch and still, the same problem. I even did a cntl-alt-del to check the system resources, and they were not being taxed beyond 20%.
    then, as I close RMX, cubase crashes....

    Quote Originally Posted by Waywyn
    did you try patch 1.1 for rmx?

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    Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    I used RMX in SX 3.0 and 3.1 with no problems.

    Dell 2.8GHz
    1.5 G Ram
    MOTU 2408

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    Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    There's a 1.2 update released today that you could give a try too.


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    Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    I had the same issue and fixed it with 2GB Ram what are your system specs?

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    Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    Guys i'm new on this forum..

    I have cubase sx2 ver 2.2.0-33 ..

    when Installed stylus rmx .. I tried to use it but it would crash and would also crash cubase.

    I seem to have the same problems as jdrada

    here is my computer spec

    P4, intel 3.20ghz, ASUS motherboard (p4p800 -E deluxe)
    window XP pro SP1
    1 gig ram

    on board sound card: REALtek ALC850 (have disabled this)
    sound card: creative SB Audigy

    can any one help advise how to get this sorted... any more infor required o let me know.

    I think it is dependent on which computer rmx is installed on as my colleague
    has same version of cubase and rmx and works on his PC.


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    Wink Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    For whatever its worth, Christian Dettner of Steinberg explains the following. To what degree this affects RMX, only Spectrasonics knows. But since this issue has been raised , I thought i would pass this along.

    *****Old plug-in host behavior vs. new plug-in host behavior.*****

    Cubase SX and Nuendo 2.0 allow users to change the plug-in behavior to "old host behavior" in the plug-in information window (Devices menu). This is sometimes necessary since some plug-ins and VST instruments (e.g. Battery and Kontakt) cannot handle the new plug-in host behavior correctly and thus produce feedback noises.

    So how do both modes differ?

    Older versions of the VST Audio Engine primarily used the old plug-in behavior, the so called "process" method. With this method, the plug-in/VST instrument adds its output to the host application's output buffer.

    The new plug-in behavior uses the differentprocess Replacingng" method.
    Here, the plug-in or VST instrument simply overwrites the output buffer.

    Due to the more complex routing capabilities of the new VST Audio Engine,
    theprocess Replacingng" method is more efficient because:
    a) the old buffer content doesn't have to be read again in order to be able to calculate the new buffers
    b) the old content doesn't have to be deleted internally in order to avoid adding it to the new plug-in output

    All plug-ins and VST instruments can work with the older "process" method but not all of them can also handle theprocess Replacingng" method correctly. Either they are simply not designed to or they pretend to supportprocess Replacingng" but fail.
    The latter leads to feedbacks or VU peaks. Even CPU peaks or poor performance can occur due to invalid floating point values in the buffer.

    In order to avoid this malfunction we implemented a switch for the plug-in host behavior.
    Using the old behavior does not affect the functionality of the plug-in or VST instrument, although in some cases a slightly increased constant CPU load might occur.

    Upcoming versions of the affected plug-ins should address this problem and follow the VST 2.3 guidelines.

    Plugins which "officially" need to have "Old Host Behaviour" (OHB) active

    * Battery 1.x
    * Fxpansion DR-008 (v1.19 seems to work without OHB)
    * Galactix 1.4
    * Gmedia ImpOscar
    * Kontakt 1.5.2 (1.5.3 seems to work without OHB)
    * Phatmatic Pro 1.0 (1.1 seems to work without OHB)
    * Princeton 2016 Stereo Room v1.0. (1.1 seems to work without OHB)
    * Real Guitar 1.5
    * VPing Pong
    * Vsampler V2
    * Waldorf Attack (1.2.1 seems to work without OHB)
    * YellowTools Culture 1.5
    * YellowTools Majestic

    Plugins which have mixed results regarding whether or not "Old Host Behaviour" (OHB) is needed:

    * Knufinke SIR v1.008

    Plugins which have no statistical data indicating whether or not "Old Host Behaviour" (OHB) is needed:

    * Spectrasonics - Stylus RMX

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    Re: STYLUS RMX Crashes my Cubase SX3

    Stylus RMX does not need old host behavior in cubase.

    - Glenn

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