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Topic: Wind Trio Demo

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    Wind Trio Demo

    This is a piece for bassoon, clarinet, and flute.


    a whimsy that sneaked out of the zephyr window as I was straining to reach a plug in the back of my computer

    Please tell what you think of it.


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    Re: Wind Trio Demo

    Very quirky. I really liked it. So many different applications / scenes this would be good for.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Wind Trio Demo

    Great composition!
    Reminds me of a Schonberg piece, of which I can't remember the name.

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    Re: Wind Trio Demo

    Thanks Rob.

    Thanks Herman.

    Schoenberg? Wow! I am Mondestrunken.


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    Smile Re: Wind Trio Demo

    I liked it. You should add a few movements and publish it.

    By the way, what samples did you use? Pretty good.


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    Re: Wind Trio Demo


    It's all EastWest Symph Orchestra Woodwinds.


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    Talking Re: Wind Trio Demo

    Wow!! I got those. How come mine don't sound that good? What am I doing wrong?

    And by the way. I hate to flatter other composers but I really was blown away by that piece. I play clarinet and it reminded me of Elliot Carter's 8 Etudes and a Fantasy. Good work.


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    Re: Wind Trio Demo


    I should add that the woodwinds are from the Platinum edition. In this case I used a far mic and a close mic program for each instrument.

    Although I am familiar with Carter's music, I am not familiar with that particular piece.


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