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Topic: Need a LOT of opinions on Film music....

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    Need a LOT of opinions on Film music....

    I have composed (quickly) a short piece here using all GPO for a project I may actually get paid for. A guy is doing a short super hero type film for the State of TN gov. I need to see if what I wrote conveys that idea. He wants a Danny Elfman-ish type thing. Since I am not Danny Elfman, I did my best while still trying to be original and me.

    Tell me what you guys think and what you would have done different. The mp3 is low quality, and so is the GPO setting. I am just using this as a sample for the guy. If he likes it I will tweak it and make it higher quality:

    Super Hero Music (Mp3 96 kbps)
    Jess Hendricks
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    Re: Need a LOT of opinions on Film music....

    Well, you hit Elfman right on the head. The chordal structure of the beginning thirty seconds are almost identical to that of Tim Burton's Batman.

    The following is simply my humble opinion. Take it for what it's worth:
    • The first 1:10 is slow and dramatic, certainly, but for a 2:23 piece, it seems like it takes up perhaps too much of the work. You might want to consider parring it down some...unless, of course, the director wants to insert credits and some cool graphic here like what was done in Batman.
    • You might want to add some timpani to the low strings at 1:10. It sounds flat and not suspenseful (which is what I think you were trying to do) without it.
    • The only other comment I had was that you might want to consider reworking the main theme at 1:19 into a major mode. The minor mode you are using is effective, but not very evocotive of your average superhero. It seems dark and brooding, but then the character of Batman was very dark and brooding, so this may be perfect.
    Overall it sounds like good movie music. Best of luck!
    C. Foster Payne
    Amateur Composer/Orchestrator

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    Thumbs up Re: Need a LOT of opinions on Film music....

    Nothing much more to add. Fossman has covered it quite well. In addition, I would stick more of you in there yet keep the Danny Elfman more on the sketchy side. After all, no matter who and what it’s for, it is you.
    Regardless, I still am amazed at your ability to write such structure so quickly! I have to admit, it is very "super heroish"!

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    Re: Need a LOT of opinions on Film music....

    Sounds good...

    In my opinion the second movement sounds very similar to J.W.'s "Superman" theme. That is not a good approach because that music, although it is an undeniable classic and favorite, would not suit the superhero films of today. However, some of his more recent scores have a superhero feel to them.
    Danny Elfman is a good direction to go. His music has more motion than the opening adante movement of the piece you posted. He uses more percussion (that he usually performs by himself and combines with the recording of large orchestras) and he specializes in brief but memorable motives.
    My advice is to find a superhero motif for which you can create effective variations that will become more powerful each time it is heard.
    Thats my two cents.
    At any rate, your piece sounds pretty darn good for a quick sketch type composition. I've had GPO for about a year and I just can't do things as fast as you guys (I haven't even posted a composition yet).

    I hope I helped. Good luck.

    - Kasiemba

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