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Topic: Scarbee Rhodes & sending bank select

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    Scarbee Rhodes & sending bank select

    Just trying the Rhodes now, so far so good, but there\'s something I don\'t understand about programmatically doing bank changes.

    My controller (QS8) sends midi program changes which GS/Scarbee responds to fine.

    When I hit the bank select buttons, the QS8 transmits \'bank sel msb\' or something like that, the patchbay sends it to GS, but GS doesn\'t show any midi input nor response.

    I don\'t want to mouse around in GS, I want to select through all the rhodes patches from my controller, I assume this means I need GS to act on bank select, I\'m fairly certain I\'m not filtering what I\'m sending. Does this work for others and any ideas what I\'m missing?


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    Re: Scarbee Rhodes & sending bank select

    Banks select is only half the patch change message. You\'ll still need to follow it up with which program change within the bank you want to make.

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