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Topic: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

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    Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    I'm giving up to get my 3.04 working on XP. I could write a friggin' book of all the problems and things I've tried to resolve the issues. I have to go back to 2.54 and catch up my work. Just wondering if it would be wiser to go back to Win2K.



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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Well, I am using GigaStudio 160 (version 2.54) with Windows XP. It seems to work fairly well for me.

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    Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    Gary would you mind telling me a bit more of your setup?

    SP1 or 2?
    Sound card? Midi Interface etc.

    glad to hear it works,



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    Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    Intel D875PBZ mobo, P4 2.4Ghz, 2 gig Crucial RAM.

    2 x Soundscape Mixtreme cards, 1 x Midisport 4x4.

    Windows XP sp1, Giga 160 2.4 into Sonar 2.1.


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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Cool Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    Hello IronChef Marc:

    This is most of the basic stuff:

    GigaStudio 160 version 2.54
    Echo MIA sound card
    Windows XP SP 1 (I have heard too many bad things about SP2)
    Sonar 3 Producer Edition (Sequencer)
    MidiMaster Midi Processor/Patchbay
    StudioLogic SL-1100 Midi Controller

    Plus a few synth modules & "way too many" sample CDs.... LOL

    Seems to work well for me..... although, there are occasionally little "glitches" when I try to work with the NFX settings sometimes. Nothing that would be too troublesome though.

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    Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    Lots of people were successful with 2.54 on XP. Combinations included Intel and AMD setups and most every sound module from the Audiophile 2496 and MIA cards up to various RME products. M-Audio, Echo and RME have all been solid bets. Most were running SP1 before BS3 came along.

    While most got their systems running well, with some glitches here and there, there were some people that seemed to be plagued by bad systems. Some were real brain stompers. I think some computers are just haunted.

    Personally, I think GS3 is much more solid. We don't get daily posts about people with failed systems, even though thousands of copies have been sold. Your system seems to be one of the exceptions.

    I can sure understand the need to punt and get back into the game though. Nobody pays you to troubleshoot your own stuff.


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    Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    My system sure is one of those brain stompers.
    Have you heard good things about the MOTU cards and GS 3?
    I had MIAs on my 2.54 PC but now I've been trying to go for light pipes and record directly in my MAC so I could record in stems in one pass.

    Running XP Pro SP1, P4, 3GHz, 2GB of RAM, 2408mkII.

    On my first XP PC, Giga would not work with the MIA. So I installed the 2408mkII although I was getting all these glitches plus major latency. Tweaking the buffer never fixed it anything. Few days of testing I eventually discover it was my parallel midi interface that was creating a delay. So I orderd a Motu Micro Express 128. It was working on and off , XP wouldn't load the driver at times or it just stops working as I go. Then I'd reboot and XP would tell me my system recovered from a serious error. So I thought there was something wrong with the PC (also the fact that I could not install the MIA and the unexplainable glitches I was getting from the 2408) so got it entire new PC with the same specs.

    No more glitches with the 2408! Yeah! But same problem with the Micro Express. I did try different cables and different USB ports. Other midi interfaces presented different problems. Motu MTP AV did the same as the Micro Epxress. Could not even install a MidiSport 8X8. The 4X4 installed fine and loads everytime but in GS when I assign the ports in the system settings, they always revert back to "none". I took out the 2408mkII and tried all the above with a MIA with the same result. So is it my motherboard? Video card? Metal case!? I got the specs from Tascam for a dream machine to run Giga 3 and I had it built. So where have I gone wrong? Did not sacrifice a virgin goat prior to undertake this?

    Anyway sorry for this long and boring post. I'm so fed up and frustrated. This is therapeutic. Taking the day off to figure out what to do.

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    Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    I don't have any experience with MOTU (nor a spare goat). What motherboard and RAM are you using? I assume that you had done a fresh installation of Windows XP SP1.

    Best of luck with your Northern Sounds therapy - and your system.


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    Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    I run Giga Studio 2.54 with XP Home on a laptop Centrino 1.6 with Logic 5.5.1.
    It works very well I also have it on a Shuttle with Win2k, no problems. Also on Win 98SE again no problems, but I remember the early days thats why I not upgraded to 3.0 just yet!

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    Re: Does GS 2.54 work well on XP?

    Might want to do a search in this forum. There's been mention of wc sync problems running a 2408 on the PC side. Though a driver update might have cured that. But I noticed a few folks mentioned running with an RME on the gs3 side lightpiped to a 2408 on the Mac side.


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