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Topic: Disney-ish works (loops)

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    Disney-ish works (loops)


    Some work I'm doing for a client. Deadline is tomorrow so everything is pretty much stuck in its current state, a bit too late to post for comments ) I know some things leave room for improvement, particularily in the first one "M00_Menu".

    Legally I'm not allowed to have these available for download on my portfolio, but I wanted to share them with other GPO folks anyway...

    http://traven.planet-d.net/princess/..._M02_Quizz.mp3 (my favorite )

    All is 100% GPO except or the horns in M00 (SAM), and obsiouly a lot of stuff in M05 Cue, M05 still features a lot of GPO instruments: marimba, bassoon, flute solo, piccolo, tuba, trombone.

    I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them !
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    Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    That's brilliant stuff Nino....thanks to Godittan!! My favourite is M00 as per last time...I just love the nostalgic, for me, orchestration. You should do well with these pieces. I look forward to hearing more in the future.


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    Thumbs up Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    Disney-ish is right! I've always been a big Disney music lover and this is right there.
    Nice work! Best part, it aint Goofy!

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    Thumbs up Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    Top stuff, man. I am impressed.

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    Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    Thanks guys for the warm comments
    I'll be glad to post more when there's more. But the gig is over

    I added a missing "M03" cue in the first post. It wasn't approved by Disney yet so it was maybe subject to change, but now it is

    Ok, I know it's nothing and these are just small cues but, I purchased GPO about a year ago (I think), since then I didn't have much time to spend on this nice board but I wanted to say that everything you hear in thoses cues comes from what I learned from everyone on this board. The great tutorials, the effective tips on orchestrations and all, it's all thanks to the board. I am so glad today! And also very grateful to you stangers of the board !! Thank you !

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    Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    Hey, Nino! Very nice stuff. Sounds like the best of the best...I could totally hear these loops on a top-notch DVD menu, video game, or soundtrack of a film!

    Question - how about some insight on your ensemble building...?


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    Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    Hi !

    Sorry I took some time to reply ELP71. Thanks for the very nice comments

    I used section patches for strings. Pizzicato basses, then lush celli, violas, 2nd and 1st violins. + Ambiance Reverb - concert hall 2 preset, tweaked a tiny bit. (not ashamed of using presets, nope )

    For the woods, however, I used 3 oboe players, 2 clarinet players, and 3 flute players. For some of the cues, I replaced the 1st player with a solo instruments.

    What more can I say... ? The "grand waltz" feeling to the melody in the first cue is the easiest thing to do: You have a melody at the 1st violins, double it an octave lower with the second violins, then again another octave lower with the violas

    If I worked with a standard midi sequencer I would gladly release midi/sonar/cubase files, but that's not the case sorry

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    Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    Am I missing something here (I noticed your logo) or is your "new client" Nintendo? This music sounds like stuff for a new Mario game!

    Very nicely orchestrated! I can picture Princess' castle! hehe

    Thanks for sharing,
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    Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    I have a question though...did you use GOS or just GPO and SAM/other tools? The strings are amazing. I would like to hope that they were done using only GPO.

    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: Disney-ish works (loops)

    Great orchestration, very professional! I enjoyed them very much, they definitely sound Disney-ish, which is good because I haven't been to Disney world in a long time. As stated before, the strings sound great.

    Thanks for sharing!
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