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Topic: Installation order

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    Installation order

    Does it matter which you install first - ie Giga studio software, then the soundcard and drivers, or should you install the sound card and drivers first?

    I\'ve had so much trouble with Gigastudio crashing I\'ve decide to re-install everything. With crashing I mean the sound suddenly distorts and I have to reset the sampler in settings (eg no voices) for the distortion to go.

    Many thanks for any thoughts.

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    Re: Installation order

    I\'ve done it both ways with Giga at one time or another. It shouldnt really matter.

    Personally though, it is probably best to sort out the hardware first, check for conflicts etc, then install the software last.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Installation order

    Thanks Scott. I\'ll try sorting out the sound first.


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