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Topic: Theoretical infinite polyphony?

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    Theoretical infinite polyphony?

    What I\'m about to inquire about here is nothing new, I\'m sure.. in fact, people have probably already thought about it, done it, and come up with a much better solution. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Is it feasible to dump several MIDI tracks to one audio track, mute those MIDI tracks so they don\'t get sent to GigaStudio, and then use the new audio track in order to reduce polyphony used? If I had to make a modification to the dumped tracks, I could simply delete the audio track, unmute the MIDI tracks, rework what I needed to, then redo the process again.

    Is this something that could work well? Any potential limitations or drawbacks?

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    Re: Theoretical infinite polyphony?

    Hi Sam, I wrote a macro in Cubase to do something along those lines. It works well. I think it is always good to render to audio as soon as you can and as you say, you can always undo the changes if need be.

    The other reason something like this is useful is for CPU usage in effects (such as a VST). If the track is rendered to audio you free up your CPU again.

    The other option is to run two or three DAWS and distribute the polyphony/processing across machines. I am currently running two DAW\'s but havent yet settled on a final configuration of instrument groups.

    I\'m working on a template at the moment for GOS/AO/SAM I\'m just not sure what to put on the weaker machine. (I\'m leaning toward percussion and perhaps brass)

    I\'d certainly be interested to know what conclusions/arrangments you come to as I am also refining my system and trying different things out.

    CHeers, Scott.

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    Re: Theoretical infinite polyphony?


    That\'s exactly what the celebrated new \'freeze\' function in Logic does. I think they\'ll be doing it in Cubase as well.

    It\'s nothing you couldn\'t do already, just a kind of macro like Scott came up with.

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