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Topic: GPO and reverb, delays, balancing, postprod, audio

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    GPO and reverb, delays, balancing, postprod, audio

    hi is there any tutorial that talks about how to balance the sound of the different instruments in posteffect modes in the sequencer, Im talking about applying final reverb, and the delays parameters to make the instruments appear to sound more forward or backwards in the stage, general balancing, basically once you have a composition with GPO, how to render it to final audio so that from a great midi file you also get a great audio file, reverbs, effects, balance, etc

    thank u for any info

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    Re: GPO and reverb, delays, balancing, postprod, audio

    I would check out Gilreath's newest Guide to Midi Orchestration for details on midi post audio production. It has a section devoted to each instrument and covers this topic pretty well. I haven't spent as much time as I'd like with the book, but I did read a lot of the instrument sections and thought the were very well done. Too bad the discount for GPO owners is gone, but maybe email him and he might hook you up.

    Also, I posted a neat plug in for adding delay compensation, panning, and adjusting dynamics called 3D Panner Studio from SpinAudio. It's fairly cheap and does a great job. The only thing to remember when using it, is to make sure and render each instrument at or near 0 db since it will lower the dynamic level of the instrument due to its placement and GPO already has the levels adjusted so they're adjusted twice which makes the final mix a little low in volume.

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