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Topic: V2.54 has crashed my system!!

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    V2.54 has crashed my system!!

    I just updated my system to V2.54 as I was recommended to do (to see whether it solved some audio problems I am having) and now my Grandioso Bosendorfer library dosen\'t work! The notes play very quietly and then suddenly there is an explosion of random notes that sounds like the strings on the piano have been broken!
    Any thoughts?
    Lloyd [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: V2.54 has crashed my system!!

    what are your audio problems?I have not upgraded to 2.54 but i resolve my audio drop outs , clic and pops ,missing notes ,defragmenting harddisk and ram

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    Re: V2.54 has crashed my system!!

    Essentially the problem is that once I get to a polyphony of about 60 voices, notes are missed and I get crackles and pops, and if I am really unlucky GS almost crashes!
    I am using GS96 on a 1.7GHz processor, 256MG RAM and Win ME (Oh and a SB card)

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    Re: V2.54 has crashed my system!!

    I think your system is not well optimized.try to increase memory up to 512 mega and follow tascam guide here .Also if u have intel chipset go for intel application accelerator (download it from intel site) here .

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    Re: V2.54 has crashed my system!!

    Is this a Giga only PC? This probably won\'t help but I sometimes get odd Giga behavior and even PC crashes when my PC has been up to long. When I restart it, everything works fine (most likely a memory leak in one of my apps). Sometime I need to shut it down then restart (probably hardware). Do check your background tasks though as they can do nasty things to a DAWS.

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