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Topic: Problems getting to second disc on new G5 install

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    Problems getting to second disc on new G5 install

    I had installed GPO on my Dual 1 Ghz G4 along with a bunch of other virtual instruments, went fine but I could see I was going to need more power. So I bought a dual 2.5 G5. Now when I run the GPO OSX installer, it installs the first CD fine, then asks for me to insert the second disc. I get no response when I push my keyboard disc eject button, and if I drag the icon for disc 1 to the trash I get an error message saying the disc is in use. If I click Stop on the window asking for disc 2 to be inserted I get a warning saying the install will not finish. So, I am stumped. Please let me know if anyone else with a new G5 has encountered this problem and its workaround.


    Rob Bryanton

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    Re: Problems getting to second disc on new G5 install


    We just responded to your email regarding this glitch. Many are using GPO on a G5 so its not the computer itself. Could be a few things and we'll do our best to get you up and running soon.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Problems getting to second disc on new G5 install

    Looks like I answered my own question - what I had done was ask to do a Custom Install, installing the AudioUnit version only (along with the library). For whatever reason, my brand new G5 (OS 10.3.7) system didn't like that, and the installer would hang when it got to the end of the first disc - wouldn't eject it, wouldn't let the system eject it, only way out appeared to be doing a force quit on the installer.

    THE ANSWER was to start over and use the Easy Install - everything went peachy-keen then.


    Rob Bryanton
    Talking Dog

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