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Topic: Help on using my midi keyboard!

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    Question Help on using my midi keyboard!

    I just got my midi keyboard and I'm trying to play the various sounds loaded into slots 1 - 8 in Garritan's Personal Orchestra ( not Studio ) My keyboard will only play channel 1, does anybody know if there's a way of switching channels on the Prodikeys DM midi keyboard? I guess I should also ask if other midi keyboards are able to do this. I got this one because of lack of space.

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    Re: Help on using my midi keyboard!


    If you are using a sequencer the incoming MIDI data can be "re-channeled" at the track. Check your sequencer's documentation for specific info. All sequencers, that I'm aware of, have this ability.


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    Re: Help on using my midi keyboard!

    Alas, I'm so ignorant I'm not sure I understand what that means. But I can read the manual, and I will check on that.
    Thanks Tom

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    Re: Help on using my midi keyboard!


    More detail: The MIDI data from your keyboard is coming into your computer on a particular channel (e.g. Ch1). When you setup a track to record that data in your sequencer you can specify the channel assignment for the track (1-16 or omni). This will override the channel assignment of the incoming data and send it out (to GPO or another destination) on the newly specified channel. This function can usually be found, and changed, in the window that displays the track info.


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    Talking Re: Help on using my midi keyboard!

    Thanks again Tom!
    I opened Studio and Sibelius and all the instruments are working for step time inputting so I think everything is okey dokey!!

    This is really going to save me some time!!
    I like it!

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