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Topic: Repairing a corrupt Sonar file?

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    Repairing a corrupt Sonar file?

    Apparently toying with importing video has somehow corrupted my Sonar file [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] That\'s a couple hours of work down the drain, unless someone knows how to possibly repair these. Every time I load it into Sonar, Sonar crashes. Any thoughts on this, or am I screwed?

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    Re: Repairing a corrupt Sonar file?

    The Sonar New Group at news.cakewalk.com would be a good resourse.

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    Re: Repairing a corrupt Sonar file?

    “ posted 03-12-200303:46PM
    I believe I have a corrupt .cwp file. Every time I try to open it, my instance of Sonar hangs. All other .cwp’s of mine are fine.
    I was wondering if there is a way to take this file apart to save my last 10hrs of work put into it.
    Any ideas? Anyone? \"

    On the 12th I started a thread very similar to this except for the causation. Several ideas where thrown about, but not a one worked for me. Take a look at it and see if you find anything that can work for you.
    I lost about ten hours of work because of that. I’m sooo sorry that you are going through this. It is such a shame that Cakewalk does not build their product a little more resiliently. More safeguards are needed. Fore instance, after saving of a file and shutting down the program in succession, cakewalk should not allow you to do so until the file has actually completed saving (closed handle.) That is what happened to me. Man, even MSWord does that. I learned a great lesson from that, but it does not make it any easier to deal with that kind of crud.

    Best of luck to ya man.

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    Re: Repairing a corrupt Sonar file?

    No worries, it was only a couple of hours or so of work.

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    Re: Repairing a corrupt Sonar file?

    I\'ve had the same thing happen, but I was not using any video.. it was a plugin that was causing it to crash before it even opened completely. What worked for me was to open the file in safe mode (actually, I\'m not sure if that\'s what it\'s really called...). Anyway, if you hold the shift key while you open your file (for some reason I have to hold shift, right click, and chose \'open\'). It will then ask you if you want to load each plugin or not. You might have to do this a few times to narrow it down to the plugin causing the problem (if it is a plugin).
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Repairing a corrupt Sonar file?


    You rule! Holding SHIFT as the file opened worked. Nothing fishy about the file except a fishy audio/video clip.. after I deleted those and saved the file, it opened ok after that.


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