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Topic: Gigastudio Installation Error!

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    Gigastudio Installation Error!


    I\'m having a problem installing Gigastudio 160 on my Windows 2000 Professional Machine. (I decided to go Windows 2000 rather than XP- thanks for everybodys help on that) I either get a message from Windows saying it met an error and it quits, or I get this message from the installer:

    Failed to install the following files(s):

    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\SConv.Dll

    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\AConv.Dll

    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\NFX1.Dll

    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\NFX2.Dll

    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\NFX3.Dll

    I tried installing numerous times, no luck. I even tried installing from a backup I made of my installer CD. Gigastudio, needless to say, won\'t boot at all.

    Any help would be much appreciated!



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    Re: Gigastudio Installation Error!

    Have you downloaded the version for Windows 2000/XP? The version on the original CD will not work in 2000 or XP.

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