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Topic: Jazz Samples...

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    Jazz Samples...

    Hello, Im in search for good Jazz samples - is there any reasonable solution (not 35gigs big sets ) for a good Jazzy Drumkit,Accoustic Bass...?
    Thanks for any answers.

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    Cool Re: Jazz Samples...

    Hey handz!
    What about "Peter Erskine: LIVING DRUMS" for GIGA! Really nice single sounds/ kits AND loops.

    Sam White

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    Re: Jazz Samples...

    For bass, Trilogy (of course) and/or Larry Seyer (for a brighter tone).

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    Re: Jazz Samples...

    "The Bass" from Bardstown Audio will be released in the next few days.

    This sampled acoustic bass stands apart from other sampled acoustic basses because it is setup with "gut" strings, rather than the usual steel strings. Traditionally, acoustic upright bass players from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, always used gut strings on their basses. It wasn't until the 1970's that acoustic bass musicians started using steel strings. The reasons the vast majority of acoustic bass musicians switched to steel strings from gut strings is because steel strings stay in tune much better than gut strings. Typically bass players were always having to retune their basses in between songs on a gig, and also gut strings are especially sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. In addition to this tuning problem with gut strings, the main reason the vast majority of acoustic bass musicians switched to steel strings from gut strings is because gut strings have to be set very high on the bridge which makes for a very high action on the finger board in order to get a great sound without excessive buzzing, whereas steel strings can be set much lower on the bridge and are thus much more easier to play than gut strings. Also, gut strings are thicker than steel strings, which also makes for even more difficulty in playing. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about any of these problems with "The Bass" from Bardstown Audio because the work has already been done with the sample recordings. All notes were individually tuned with a tuner during the sample recording process as well.

    Even though there are some quality sampled acoustic basses available with steel strings, I have never found one that suits my personal taste. Personally I have never liked steel strings on an upright acoustic bass because they have way too much sustain, whereas gut strings decay in volume very rapidly, and thus sound considerably more percussive than steel strings. Steel strings with their long sustaining character will muddy up a mix with other rhythm instruments and they lack that tight percussive character which I like to hear on an acoustic upright bass. As in illustration, steel strings played on an acoustic bass sound like BWAAAAAAAAAA BWAAAAAAAAA BWAAAAAAAAAA BWAAAAAAAAA, whereas gut strings sound more like Bmm Bmm Bmm Bmm Bmm. Gut strings also have a warmer sounding character than steel strings.

    In order to get a quality gut string acoustic bass to sample record, I had to actually purchase an acoustic bass and set it up with gut strings. It is not a simple matter of just changing strings on an acoustic bass in order to have gut strings. Considering the extra thickness of gut strings, as opposed to steel strings, you have to have a luthier carve out bigger notches on the nut and bridge in order to accommodate the thicker gut strings, so once an acoustic bass has been setup with gut strings you would have to get a new nut and bridge if you ever wanted to go back to steel strings.

    I am very enthusiastic about this new sampled acoustic upright bass with gut strings. It definitely sounds much more percussive than any other available sampled acoustic bass, which all have steel strings.

    This new acoustic upright bass from Bardstown Audio is being package as both 24 bit 96k and 24 bit 48k instruments, so the user can make his or her choice as to what sample rates they prefer to use. In the package there are also stereo versions in addition to mono cardioid and mono omni mic'ing versions at both sample rates. This new bass will be available in Giga 3, EXS24, HALion, and Kontakt/Kompakt sampler formats. There are two packaged versions for this acoustic bass from Bardstown Audio... a packaged Giga version, and a separate packaged version which includes EXS24, HALion, and Kontakt/Kompakt. The reason for two separate packaged versions is because the sampled wave files in the Giga version are all embedded inside of the .gig files, whereas with HALion, EXS24, and Kontakt/Kompakt, the samples are all sitting in organized files and folders.

    "The Bass" from Bardstown Audio is extremely well suited for jazz, swing, latin, pop, western swing, country, bluegrass, and ethnic music.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Jazz Samples...


    this sounds really exciting w/r to the Accoustic Bass. With you behind the wheel, my bet at the derby is "Win"

    looking forward to this next great Bardstown sample.

    Alan Russell
    Please Visit My New & Revised Official Website Below


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    Re: Jazz Samples...

    Great! Look forward to that... The Larry Seyer demos don't do it for me and I don't want to buy Trilogy just for the Acoustic Bass (nothing else comes close that I've heard). Hope it has nice clear fret/slap/pop noise (easy on the noise reduction!)... Perhaps have these on a different output to allow adjustment to taste..

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    Re: Jazz Samples...

    There is a minimal amount of fret noise on certain notes. I did try to minimize it during the sample recording process. A little bit of fret noise goes a long ways. I did not make any attempt to remove any of that sort of noise during the editing process. There are release note off samples which do capture the sound of the finger coming off of the finger board as well. I believe there is a sufficient amount of natural noise on certain notes without any of them being excessive.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Jazz Samples...

    Quote Originally Posted by griels
    Great! Look forward to that... The Larry Seyer demos don't do it for me and I don't want to buy Trilogy just for the Acoustic Bass (nothing else comes close that I've heard). ..
    Dan Dean's bass is also very nice and mellow (reminiscent of Trilogy in many ways) and is available now for around $100.

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    Re: Jazz Samples...

    Wow Kip, this one looks exciting!

    Just something in another vein, as effective and small was the question:
    http://www.memi.de/echochamber/exs24/exs242.html (from echochamber.ch)
    Somewhere in the middle, a nice free soundfont... not suited for all tasks and I guess not even close as versatile as Kip's library. A start nevertheless.

    Free drums? As well!

    There are also a lot good commercial libs around... there are many options fortunately...


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    Re: Jazz Samples...

    Garry Garritan said in the GPO forum that he will announce during NAMM a Jazz/Big Band library. It might be worth to have a look at it.
    Pierre Laroche

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