I want to record a simple bassline by creating a track in Fruityloops using synth sub-bass sounds, and using Fruityloops midi output to drive Gigastudio (loaded with Acoustic Bass samples). I\'d want to mix the two outputs into Cakewalk or SoundForge, with the ultimate goal of creating a WAV file to load into Gigastudio. This would be the finished bassline consisting of sequenced sub-bass mixed with acoustic bass (both playing the same line).

I\'m not sure how I could do this most simply.
- I suppose I could use Cakewalk to create the sequence instead, and drive Fruityloops which has the sub-bass samples I want at the same time as I drive GigaStudio (loaded with Acoustic Bass). Don\'t know how I\'d mix the two outputs.

- Or render the Fruityloops sub bass to individual WAVs and use them to create a GS sub-bass library. Then record to wav out of Giga.

- Or record GS sequenced Acoustic Bass to WAV and load that into Fruitloops as one track, then let that loop and double that part right in Fruityloops and render the output to WAV.

So many possible ways to do this, and yet I haven\'t the slightest idea how to do the final mixing, and whether or not I\'ll get sync problems because of latency, or even how to mix two outputs into Cakewalk, for example, which would be running on the same machine as FL and GS. In fact I\'ve never even tried recording GS output to wav. Is this fairly straightforward and troublefree?

Has anyone had experience with this type of project? If so, I\'d sure appreciate some guidance.