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Topic: GigaSampler locking up.. hm.

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    GigaSampler locking up.. hm.


    I\'m using GigaSampler 1.52
    and ReBirth along with Cubase 3.6
    with a SBLive! card on a
    P3 500Mhz 256MB machine, with
    freshly installed Windows98.

    Ok, there\'s the tech stuff.. here\'s
    the problem:

    I\'ve managed to succesfully do this:

    Have Cubase control GigaSampler via
    MIDI, play and synch ReBirth using
    ReWire, as well as play WAV data
    from within Cubase, all on just
    the single SBLive.. without any
    latency drops, pops or clicks.

    However I notice that it crashes periodically. (entire computer freezes,
    forced to reboot)..

    At first I thought this was because
    of all the junk I was running, but
    I noticed it even does this with just
    Cubase and GigaSampler. Even if
    the Cubase song contains and is recording
    NO audio data, just MIDI data for
    controlling GigaSampler, it still crashes.

    It seems to crash mostly when I use
    the Cubase transport
    to play, stop, and record
    MIDI data, but I\'ve also had crashes
    while just using GigaSampler (adding
    instruments to channels, etc)..

    Any possible idea??

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    Re: GigaSampler locking up.. hm.

    Sounds like some sort of basic instability that is affecting the GigaSampler. Based on what you explained, it doesn\'t seem to be any of the other software or the combination of it. I would as a test, try disabling or removing rebirth and just see what happens. Sometimes, virtual synths can conflict with the GigaSampler. If this doesnt get solved, you may want to contact us at tech support to help diagnose the system.
    Dave of NemeSys

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