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Topic: Gigastudio, cubase crash

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    Gigastudio, cubase crash

    Hey everybody, I\'m using Cubase 5 with gigastudio 2.5 and everytime I load the NFX1 on multiple channels, it crashes hard . Anyone else have this problem?

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    Re: Gigastudio, cubase crash


    I\'ve no idea whether or not this will help you, but you might want to try downloading either Gsfix or Prcview. They both allow you to change the priority of process msgsrv32 from realtime to high when running Giga.

    I had a problem running GigaLE with Cubase, noises, pops, etc. These programs fixed that. Anything that lightens cpu demand might be worth a try.


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    Re: Gigastudio, cubase crash

    I\'m not sure how loading up an NFX instance causes a crash, but try it while running Giga by iteself (if you\'ve not done that already) and see if the behavior repeats.

    Make sure that Giga and Cubase are not using the same ports.


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