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Topic: Alt Bowstrokes

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    Question Alt Bowstrokes

    Am I missing somthing but GPO says that Altrenating bowstrokes are activated by the sus pedal on solo stringed instruments. In the Instrument table in the Manual it says that ALT by an instrument means it does this .However in the table it only has susleg as the option for all my solo strings-Alt is by none of them. Is this feature missing? I can'y tell if the solo strings are alt bowing when I use the pedal.Maybe its a fualt in the manual.

    I would appreciate help on this.

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    Re: Alt Bowstrokes


    Prior to the update the sustain pedal had two functions for solo strings: Legato and alternating bow strokes. Since the update this function is better handled with the keyswitched solo string instruments. As described in the update documentation, separate keyswitches are available for automatically alternating up and downbows, up bows, and downbows (among other choices). The documentation can be found here: http://www.garritan.com/Update/GPOUpdate.pdf See page 10 for the keyswitch layout. By the way, the update documentation supersedes all previous information, including that contained in the manual. Always check the update documentation first when you have a question about functionality.

    In the older version alternating bow strokes could be accomplished by alternating pedal positions for each detached note. Holding the pedal down for a series of connected notes resulted in legato. This dual function can still be applied but the KS instruments are much easier to use. One last tip if you choose to use the pedal approach: pedal data must precede the note-on for it to take effect. Of course, the same thing goes for keyswitches.


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    Many Thanks tom!

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    Re: Alt Bowstrokes

    Quote Originally Posted by Joolz
    Many Thanks tom!
    Just the information I was looking for.


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