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Topic: Agressive string/brass demo

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    Agressive string/brass demo

    Finally slapped the update on right after New Year's and thought a quickie mockup was in order.

    This is the end of the overture, starting from the long Eb scale passage. This would have been pretty hard to bring off with the old patches, especially the scale work and the whirlywind parts where the chimes first appear.

    The string are the agressive sus+short sections and nothing else. The brass are the regular patches with the agressive overlays.

    Oh, and while we're still waiting for the GPO Field Artillery Expansion Package (GPO-FAX Pack ), I used a second, louder, deeper bass drum panned far left for the cannon effect.

    Tschaikowsky: 1812 Overture (Excerpt), 3:20, 6.3mb

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    Re: Agressive string/brass demo

    Wow...wow! Nice job. GPO FAX Pack? Cool idea!


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    Re: Aggressive string/brass demo

    Nice work Darwin!
    I especially like the string runs (the whirlywind parts) and the chimes and the drum cannon. We have to get working on that GPO Field Artillery Expansion Package (GPO-FAX Pack ). Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Aggressive string/brass demo

    That was fun Darwin!

    You should have heard my computer subwoofer ,,,, LOL!
    ha ha ha


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    Re: Agressive string/brass demo

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

    Exactly, what is your definition of a "Quickie Demo?"

    I only heard it on low volume on lousy laptop speakers, but Holy Moly! That sounds like it would have taken me days -- no, weeks -- to accomplish!

    So do you mind telling how much time you put in, what sequencer/notator you're using, and what your favorite tricks are for creating performance input?

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    Re: Agressive string/brass demo

    Thanks, everyone, for giving a listen and commenting.


    Quote Originally Posted by SPF
    So do you mind telling how much time you put in, what
    sequencer/notator you're using, and what your favorite
    tricks are for creating performance input?
    The excerpt required several days (nearly two weeks) to realize. I worked on it in my spare time for something like 2-3 hours a day over a dozen days until the excerpt sounded reasonably acceptable. So it took maybe 30+ hours or so total (but easily half that time was simply inputting the score).

    As always, I'm using Overture driving GPO studio with Ambience reverb.

    As far as performance goes, first I select and audition instruments, based on what needs to be played. I'll work up the kind of horn and trumpet sounds needed and play around with the various string patches until the articulations are speaking well without too much trouble. Then I just try to shape things so that they roughly match what was scored in terms of weight and balance, making an effort to ensure important things are not covered up, while at least some of the supporting lines have a change to come through occasionally. I also imagine how I would like to hear the music being played if I were conducting -- where things will slow and speed up, what notes will be emphasized, how much emphasis, the overall phrasing, etc. -- and then try to get midi tempo, modulation, velocity, pedaling, and note lengths to reflect that.

    Finally, I always try to be entertained by the whole process, to have the music keep drawing me in, so that the simulation effort is not so much a lot work (it is!), but also a lot of learning and a lot of fun (which is alway the best kind of learning).

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    Re: Agressive string/brass demo

    Wow... that IS good! I really like the last half - where the theme plays in full - very bombastic

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    Re: Agressive string/brass demo

    Hmmm. Page is down. I'd like to hear it.

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    Re: Agressive string/brass demo

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Hopkins
    Hmmm. Page is down. I'd like to hear it.
    Sorry Jesse,

    I usually pull these to regain disk space after the forum post has rolled off the front page. But I was able to find the mp3 and load it back up to my server if you are still interested in hearing the excerpt. (On giving it another listen, the ensemble sonority of the big brass chords at 1:33 and 2:09 really crank on my system! So much music, so little time...)

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