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Topic: Guitar Amp sim ? help

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    Question Guitar Amp sim ? help

    I'm new to guitar stuff... i have clean giga electri guitars from vintaudio and
    i would like to add some Hardcore to it... make a dirty noise out of it....
    Is there a way to do it via some free amp vst and do it like that
    1. I have the sound in Halion so...
    2. Sound goes out the halion
    3. Goes into this amp
    4. goes from amp altered to my ears

    any clues ?

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    Re: Guitar Amp sim ? help

    You might want to try these out for decent free amp sims. No GUI but pretty good modeling IMHO. I especially like the reverb twin!


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    Re: Guitar Amp sim ? help

    A good, pretty reasoable one is the Greenmachine Amp 2. I've downloaded the demo and tried it and there's a lot of good stuff there. I even ran the Vint. guitars through it. Very nice. Its about 89 bucks. I'm going with Trash though since it has more to offer and would be used for more than guitar amping/distortion.

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