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Topic: Moving from 98SE to Windows XP, any advice?

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    Moving from 98SE to Windows XP, any advice?

    I\'m gonna move my P4 1.4 Ghz from Windows 98SE to XP soon. I\'m getting a big HD and figure it\'s about time I get on the bandwagon.

    I know all of my hardware is compatible, I just wanted to get some advice before embarking on this journey! Any general comments, etc would be appreciated!



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    Re: Moving from 98SE to Windows XP, any advice?

    Install XP onto a new drive. That way you can always swap the old drive back in if you run into trouble.

    Also, start the installation without any other partitioned drives in the system. Otherwise your OS partition will not be the C drive. Add the other drives after the initial install.

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    Re: Moving from 98SE to Windows XP, any advice?

    I just reformatted my Win 98 partioned and reloaded just Win 98 and Giga. Forgot how fast Giga loads in Win 98 and how much faster the instruments load and how many more instruments I can load.

    I found that Giga wasn\'t anymore stable in XP than in 98 because of the way it was programmed in kernel mode. This kind of programming is a no-no per Microsoft. Because Giga is in kernel mode it makes it interfere with other kernel mode drivers causing crashes. Just finished reading more on XP\'s internal workings and have decided that Tascam made the wrong choice of programming in this manner. Some systems work fine with XP but I started getting odd crashes that I couldn\'t duplicate in XP.

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    Re: Moving from 98SE to Windows XP, any advice?

    I\'m so new to gigastudio that I don\'t even have it yet! I\'m building a system that will be dedicated just for it. I have been wondering which operating system to go with. Windows XP is no more expensive than the older windows 98 but. If I am understanding what has been said here Gigastudio wasn\'t written to take full advantage of it? I will only use this system for Giga so performance for other programs is no issue. Are most people running 98SE? Also I have an M-audio Delta44 on the way (hope that was a good choice). Any recomendations on Hard-drives that function best? Should IDE 100 hard drives at 72000 rpms anda seek time of 8.9 be okay or are faster seek times a necessity?
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    Re: Moving from 98SE to Windows XP, any advice?


    If you\'re thinking of using firewire, you\'ll need to go for WinXP. Otherwise,Win98 may be fine.
    I have an external CD burner and 120GB hardrive (both firewire), which work great under WinXP. Giga could not \"see\" them with Win98 on my machine.



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