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Topic: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

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    Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    Hey everyone. Right now I'm running Protools Le on Pc. 2.4Ghz 1G ram
    I've just purchased RMX and Trilogy, and was thinking of running all my VI's on a separate PC, keeping PT on it's own comp.

    So I'm researching which sampler to put on that PC which would probably be running in Forte along with my other VI's.

    So.... I'm hearing lots of dismall reports of tech suport (lack thereof) from NI, which is kind of scaring me away from their product (I was going to buy Komplete2)
    On the other hand, I hear even worse reports about Tascams support of GS3 which last I heard, was being run by 1 guy living in a shack, working by lamplight in some undisclosed location.

    It seems that most sample libraries that I'm interested in come in: Kontakt or Giga format.

    Is there anyone here that has had a pleasurable, helpful experience from NI tech support?

    Is there anyone that regrets the investment in Kontakt, and whishes they had gone with such and such a sampler instead?

    Is their a sampler which runs on PC which could run libraries that were intended for either the Gsampler or Kontakt/pakt format?

    Any info would be appreciated

    Dylan Schiavone

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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)


    From my experience of using both Kontakt and GS I'd have to say Kontakt is a whole lot more pleasurable to use.

    I have not used GS3 but the support when using GS2 was shocking. Terrible. I felt I'd been cheated out of £500. Big - Huge Mistake!
    Which is a shame because it's a good product when it's working.

    And the experience of N.I's customer support, I'd have to say excellent.
    Email is always answered. Usually within 1-2 days. And when we couldn't find a solution they asked me to phone and the problem was solved there and then.

    Kontakt is a very good and powerful product.
    It's very easy to get sample data into it.
    And once there, you can do so much more with it.
    Very ease to edit and manipulate when you've learned the interface.
    Very powerful editing and synth functions too.

    I also own Komplete-2.
    A great bit of software.
    I'm just investigating Reaktor-4, very powerful.

    As for running other libraries.
    I use cd-xtract.
    It does a great job of converting Giga(& ll the rest)-files to Kontakt.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    Same here. Had some registration problems that were resolved in about 48 hours of sending them a support email.

    Love the product, just wish the performance was a little closer to their competitors. Of course, who knows what NAMM will bring.

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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    I do not have experience with Kontakt, but am considering making it my primary sample platform.

    I am abandoning Gigastudio...it is so unstable that I consider it unusable.
    I remain solely responsible for the content of my messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless northern sound source, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of my message(s). Rock on.

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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    Thanks Dave and Joseph for your replies.
    It's a little more reassuring before I buy to hear some posititive feedback.

    Thanks again!

    Dylan Schiavone

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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    Hi, Ive ported all my sample libs to Kontakt, I dont even have Giga installed anymore.

    If you do have an issue and need toget in touch with NI, email is probably the way to go.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    Cool Scott. Thanks for the info.


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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    Don´t go GS3 unless you are looking for trouble. That´s my advice.
    Search this forum, and you will find people that had all sorts of trouble by using it: bad RAM management, bad CPU management, Rewire problems, freezings, and some couldn´t even get it working at all (that´s my case). I saw one guy complaining that his hard drive was corrupted (!!!!) after aplying tweaks recommended by Tascam, and another one celebrating because he finnaly made GS3 recognize 80% of his installed RAM(!!!!!). For me, it´s not a serious product.
    After 2 years using kontakt, the worst problem I could find was a rendering issue that some users face when rendering huge projects, but there are workarounds for this issue. The rest was only happiness, no complaints at all. And guess what, Kontakt 2 is coming, and you will get the upgrade for free if you buy kontakt 1.5.3 t now!!!

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)

    I've never had to utilize NI support. Only major problem I had was when I installed 1.5.x for the very first time I disabled all audio output devices I didn't think I'd use, and Kontakt wouldn't start after that. I simply reinstalled and left the audio device settings alone. All in all, Kontakt has been very stable for me, and I've done a whole lot of patch editing and construction of GIG libraries. GIG import itself is pretty good.

    RE: support

    I hate to say it but as bad as NI support may be (again, I've never used it, but alot of people have complained about it), none of the other samplers fare any better. Can't speak for Motu and whatever else is out there, but I own GS2.5, Kontakt, HALion2, and VSampler3, and none of those companies will be winning any customer service awards anytime soon. I do think they do the best they can in a market that doesn't exactly generate buckets of money.

    - Keith

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    Re: Advice On Kontakt (considering purchasing)


    I think your decision should be primarily driven by the particular sample libraries you want to use.

    GigaStudio 3 is an extremely powerful sampler. From an absolute performance perspective, you can get higher polyphony counts out of GigaStudio3 than any other sampler, but it can be difficult to set up. The basic "problem" (power) of GigaStudio is the fact that it bypasses the Windows operating system to directly access your hard drives. This can be problematic because Giga therefore doesn't always "play nice" with other applications. I have "everything under the sun" on my PC and GS3 works just fine. Other people have had real difficulties, and Tascam support is somewhat lacking.

    As a general rule, most people have had less difficulties with Kontakt, but there have been a few who have had severe problems. Native Instruments probably has better support than Tascam, but I have seen complaints about them also.

    If you are considering buying Kontakt, be aware that Native Instruments has recently announced their "Kontakt v2" (current version is v1.5), which will be available in March. Depending on your time frame, you might look to see how you can get the best price ("buy now, then upgrade", or "buy later").

    Finally, there are many libraries now that don't even require you to buy a separate sampler product. Many products from Garritan, East-West, Best Service and Zero-G come bundled with a "player only" version of Native Instrument's Kompakt (which is based on Kontakt). The only "downside" to most of these Kontakt/Kompakt based sample libraries are that you are then "stuck" with Kontakt, since the libraries are encrypted.

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