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Topic: VST effects in giga 3.0

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    VST effects in giga 3.0

    In the continueing debate saga over what will or will not be included in 3.0, here is some more amo for the yes vst will be included with 3.0 camp.

    MM: Cakewalk Acquires VST-DX Adapter
    VST-DX adapter is now a Cakewalk product with the company acquiring full distribution rights. Cakewalk plans to add the technology to Project5, allowing it use VST plug-ins natively. end Quote

    I used to believe Tascam would not support VST because they would be tipping there hats to there competition that created VST [Steinberg]
    but if Cakewalk will do it then maybe Tascam would too.

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    Re: VST effects in giga 3.0

    running VST PLug ins is quite a bit different than Running VST-I instruments.

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