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Topic: Cubase VST Audio Conflict

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    Cubase VST Audio Conflict

    I have had GS taking up space on my hard drive for about 8 months now. I discovered after purchasing it that it will not coexist with Cubase VST while audio is enabled. Since my sole purpose in purchasing GS was to add overdubs to audio tracks, this has been a very unhappy discovery. I was told by Nemesys and Steinberg that a fix was being pursued, but I have not heard anything since. Does anyone know if this problem will ever be fixed?

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    Re: Cubase VST Audio Conflict

    This has been resovled for sometime. You need GS 1.52 and the lastest version (prior to 3.7), I believe, of Cubase. You might want to check the old user forum, because there are a number of posts from people running this combination. You will need two sound cards, or a multi-client card.


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