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Topic: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe I have a corrupt .cwp file. Every time I try to open it, my instance of Sonar hangs. All other .cwp’s of mine are fine.

    I was wondering if there is a way to take this file apart to save my last 10hrs of work put into it. 

    Any ideas? Anyone?

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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a long shot, but I\'ve had troubles with
    loading files which uses a greater number of
    virtual mains and aux buses than the settings in
    Sonar - normally Sonar will warn and refuse to load it, but it has also presented me with a
    stall. Try setting the entries higher, quit Sonar and start again.

    Also another long shot:
    Have you tried to load it into somebody elses
    Sonar ( if you know anyone ).

    I\'m not familiar with the exact fileformat of
    the cwp\'s so I sorry I can\'t offer anything more

    Maybe the cakewalk forums and usenet groups would have more insight to offer.


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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    You do have a backup, right? I always work with 2 files and save back and forth between them in case I smeg up one of the files. I also backup regularly to tape.

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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi again
    Just had an idea - one off those long shots
    again [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Try renaming the file to a .wrk file - trick
    the Sonar into believing its the old fileformat
    - mayby it will load it more or less intact and
    the save it as a cwp again.

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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the response guys!
    I don’t think it was the number of aux busses or virtual mains. I’m not auxing anything yet and I’m only using like 14 midi channels and 3 mono audio channels.
    What I believe corrupted the file was while right after transposing a line I saved the changes and without waiting a very long time I closed the whole program (Sonar)
    I came back to work an hour later tried to load the file and well…you know the rest.
    I do have a backup but it only contains piano and drums. I lost sax, trumpet, guitar, violins, bass guitar (audio), and bass guitar solo (audio). Although, since all audio tracks are kept separate I believe I can recover these.
    What a learning experience. I almost cried when this happened (I’m serious.) I think I’m going to purchase a backup server and do nightly backups with Veritas.
    That is a great idea about trying a friend’s machine! I will try it and let you know.


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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by Sapkiller:
    Hi again
    Just had an idea - one off those long shots
    again [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Try renaming the file to a .wrk file - trick
    the Sonar into believing its the old fileformat
    - mayby it will load it more or less intact and
    the save it as a cwp again.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">That is another great idea! I’m going to try that too.
    I’m away from the studio so I have to wait till tomorrow. :-(

    Right on!!!

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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by MastersMusic:
    Try opening the project in safe mode, ie shift-click. If there are any bad plugins etc you get a change to say no to loading those.

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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had the same problem that when I was playing back a complex MIDI from Sonar 2.2, my whole computer rebooted and the file would no longer open up. I was able to open any other cakewalk files except this one.

    After trying just about everything I could think of, I thought that maybe I could splice the contents of the file with a backup I had made a week earlier. This would have to be done at the binary level where you can compare the exact contents of the data bit by bit to see if it is intact with the original version.

    When looking at the cakewalk file with a HEX editor (not that I understand HEX or anything but at least this would show the contents of the file where it can be cut and paste from one file to another), I found that half way through the file, it was completely blank. The file was completely corrupt and I stopped waisting time on trying other options. At a binary level, the data was not present so no more time was spent on trying to retrieve the lost data but instead, I spent the effort on trying to retrieve the music from my memory.

    Very frustrating but there is only so much you can do if the file is just not working. Sorry to kick a guy when he\'s down, but always backup! I now have backups of my backups. Very painful lesson.

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    Re: Corrupt Sonar .cwp file!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I tried it all to no avail. Tried renaming the file to .wrk, .cwt, and .mid with no luck at all. I also tried opening it up on another sonar workstation – again with no luck. Looks like I just learned another valuable lesson.
    PS: I’ll will also try the ‘Safe mode’ idea. Much appreciated Erik Nygaard.

    Once again, I thank you all for your input. I’ll post the piece once I get it back to it’s former self. :-)

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