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Topic: Peter Erskine Living Drums. Cymbal rolls?

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    Peter Erskine Living Drums. Cymbal rolls?

    I have the Peter Erskine Living Drums library in giga. Are there any cymbal rolls in that library? I ask because I did an album in 2003 that I needed a cymbal roll for. I found one on www.sonomic.com. This roll was attributed to the Living Drums Library. I've never been able to find it on the disk I have. Am I losing my mind?

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    Cool Re: Peter Erskine Living Drums. Cymbal rolls?

    This is for the AKAI version BUT maybe it´s the same with GIGA:
    Try out your SD kit and look for SD CYMBALS. In my AKAI version there is an under- program called CYMROLL MENUE with a lot of rolls....The same with JZ RIDES... JZRIDE MENUE...
    Hope it helps!

    Sam White

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    Re: Peter Erskine Living Drums. Cymbal rolls?

    I have the audio version, and there's quite a few cymbal rolls on there. Surely the giga version has them as well.

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    Re: Peter Erskine Living Drums. Cymbal rolls?

    I own the Giga version and it has some decent cymbal rolls. However you can hear that these rolls are more aimed towards afro-american style than classical; he uses harder beaters and the rolls are a little harsch and explosive.
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    Re: Peter Erskine Living Drums. Cymbal rolls?

    Thanks for writing back. I want to make sure that I'm seeing all the instruments that there are under each menu. In my SD Ride.gig file, there appears to be only one instrument shown and it doesn't show me any rolls. How many instruments are listed under your SD Ride menu? Also, I can only see the first six characters of any file name. How can I expand the number of characters in the .gig file or in the instrument and performance files below a .gig file? Lastly, how can I clear the search box so that I see every file in a particular folder listed in the instrument loader pane without restriction to any searches I've done?
    Thanks again,

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