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Topic: nfx in all channels?

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    nfx in all channels?

    hi list,
    this is a newbie question, sorry about that. i can\'t find how to put reverb (or any nfx) to *some* channels only. is it possible? all of my loaded gigs go through those nfx, either in inputs or aux busses. i can\'t find how to put nfx\'s on selected channels only.
    thx in advance for any help,

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    Re: nfx in all channels?

    Hi map
    The DSP station is just like any mixer - the effects applied to a mixer channel will effect
    all the input on that channel. You insert effects
    at the top of the DSP mixer ch, say ch 1-2 where
    it says \'Empty\' - just click it.

    Then you have to route the midi channels to the
    DSP channels. This is done at the Midi mixer for each port 1-4. At the bottom of each midi channel
    there\'s a designation of a DSP channel.
    All midi channels set to say 1-2 will now be
    routed to the DSP ch 1-2 and thus have the effects

    Hope this helps you out.


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    Re: nfx in all channels?

    thanks for your help bjarne. i can only get more than 2 mixer inputs if i use my multitrack soundcard, a ews88. if i use my tbs pinnacle i get only 2 mixer inputs. so i think i have to rework my question. is it possible to assign different nfx\'s to different midi channels with a stereo soundcard? let say reverb in channel 1 and delay to channel 2, is that possible?
    thx again,

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