I have a proposition for anyone who would like to take me up on it. First, let me give you some background information:

I find myself writing themes most anytime I sit down to my piano. They happen very quickly and without any motivation required. I usually just toss them aside and say I will "come back to them" once I complete all of my other current projects. We all know how that goes though........I never seem to return to these themes nor do I end up being able to remember them. I decided I would start recording them when they happened. I have still promised myself I will arrange the pieces one day, but that day never seems to come. So, I have decided to try something new. I am 100% confident where I want dynamics, where runs will be, and where many of the parts to be prominent in the piece. (I am a producer so this is usually the first thing I hear in any music composition). So I have decided to try this approach:

I have a link that streams my compositions below. I currently decided to give this a "test" so there is only one piece up. It is entirely piano, but I want it arranged for orchestra (maybe some piano to continue the theme). I will be glad to send the midi file for anyone interested, and also the tempo, etc. It would be a way for people who struggle to find an inspiration for their own pieces to try arranging a pre-developed theme. I see the themes I write as written for picture or tv-drama (ala hour long weekly dramas). I will be glad to allow the arranger to use the piece for his/her portfolio if they put proper credit with the song in both the mp3 ID3 tag and posted with the link. The desription would read (written and composed by Jonathan Kerr, Arranged by xxxxx).

We will see how it goes. PM me if you want to participate. At the end of this, depending on participants, I might post them to allow NS members to pick their favorite (if this is okay with Papa Chalk, etc). The link is below:


To be completed within the next 2 weeks.