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Topic: Francesco?

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    Francesco buddy ol pal ol buddy oh dodiodoo! What's cooking in Italy lately? Long time no hear Maestro. You've been working up another one of your fantastic renditions or maybe an original composition? Or, just taking in lifes wonderful pleasures.
    Hope you don't mind Maestro. I just have this nasty habit of missing people important to us all here!


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    Re: Francesco?

    HI guy,
    thanks for your worry about me....I'm really busy now because...he he he...
    I was called to direct the orchestra (about more than 100 elements) at the biggest Italian song festival (do you know the "festival di San Remo"?)..so...it's a hard-work time for me now.
    However I'm planning to make some new stuff with my beloved GPO to share with you all...so stay tuned, I'll need your comments ;-)
    Hope to be back soon, and also to take part regulary on the friday chat.
    Best to you my friend and the whole community
    Peace and pizza

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