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Topic: Music Theory/Compossition AUDIOBOOK...

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    Music Theory/Compossition AUDIOBOOK...

    Is there such a thing? If so what is the info on it. Thank you very much!

    Capt Hook

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: Music Theory/Compossition AUDIOBOOK...

    Quote Originally Posted by capt_hook
    Is there such a thing? If so what is the info on it. Thank you very much!

    Capt Hook
    "Sounds and Scores" by Henry Mancini may be what you want, then again, maybe not. Here is a link to Jamey Aebersold's site:


    Dennis Burton

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    Re: Music Theory/Compossition AUDIOBOOK...

    There is Samuel Adler's Book on orchestration plus 6 cds - expensive but has videos and score fragments. Does not deal with harmony as such
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    Re: Music Theory/Compossition AUDIOBOOK...

    Considering that the really good Music Theory books are in workbook format, I would be very cautious about this format. So much needs to be worked out on paper that an audio book may be a bad shortcut. This is the toughest course for most in college, but also the most rewarding (whether they believe it or not).
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    Re: Music Theory/Compossition AUDIOBOOK...

    I remember checking out a nice set of ear training tapes from my local university library. Unfortunately, I don't remember what they were called. Beyond that sort of thing, I can't imagine any in depth theory studies working very well without needing old fashioned reading and writing going along with them though.

    But, if you do find anything I'd probably be interested in giving it a try - even though I'm skeptical. I listen to audiobooks every day at work and often have a hard time finding ones that I haven't heard, so I'm willing to listen to just about anything.

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    Re: Music Theory/Compossition AUDIOBOOK...

    Thank you all for the responses! I'm actually in Music Theory 4/Sight Singing 4/Ear Training 4 right now, the last theory in my college. I just wanted someting to listen to while in the car and such to keep up with most of the rules I might forget (there's a few ). So, I'll look more on the net and see if I can find a straight forward Theory on CD set. Thank you again!

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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