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Topic: Looking for Gigasampler

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    Looking for Gigasampler

    I am looking for a reliable mail order company that carries the full version of Gigasampler.

    The local price I got was $600 + tax, but none of the stores here have it or can get it in a timely fashion.


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    Re: Looking for Gigasampler

    hi mitch,

    since east west is \"out of order\" because of some trouble try to get GS over www.bestservice.de, the european distributer. I think 3 days shipping or so. Dollar is strong, so I think you can save money.



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    Re: Looking for Gigasampler

    I bought the GS about 2 months ago from Leigh\'s Computers.He seemed pretty knowledgeable on the GS and he had a pretty good price.I think the web address is leighscomputers.com.
    Hope this helps.

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