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Topic: Information about sampling (in general)

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    Information about sampling (in general)

    Hello people,

    I am new to this group and new to sampling. Well \"new\" is not even the right word as I have not even bought the software yet! I have been shopping around and have decided to buy Gigasampler 94, GOS and Dan Dean brass as starters.

    I am wondering if you guys know of any good webpages, books, articles, etc. that would be good for a novice to read to try to get a better understanding of sampling.

    I have a great keyboard to use as a controller and a dedicated HD for just the gigasoftware, so I think I have everything I need to get started - I just don\'t know anything about it!

    Why do I want to use it, you may ask? Well, I am a composer and have been forced to use synthesis for many instrumental parts for demos and sketches and it has become unbearable! I heard some samples of GOS and DD brass and was blown away! That\'s it in a nutshell.

    Any info would be helpful.


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    Re: Information about sampling (in general)

    Hello Ian,

    I too am relatively new to sequencing but I\'ve found Paul Gilreath\'s book, \"Guide to Midi Orchestration\" to be the best introduction to writing for midi orchestra. There are some substantial changes in how you approach traditional orchestration compared to midi realization of orchestras.

    I would love to see a tutorial of what to do to make a piece of music work well with dynamics, expression, phrasing, etc., and how that translates into MIDI, but it is apparently a learn as you go process. Anyway, try Paul\'s book - it\'s an excellent start.

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