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Topic: Who uses Samplitude?

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    Who uses Samplitude?

    I\'m considering to purchase Samplitude, mainly for its brilliant reputation in Audio processing. Is anybody using Samplitude as a MIDI sequencer? I wonder whether it would be practical to replace my Cubase 5 (not XP as I work with Win98 exclusively) with Samplitude. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Who uses Samplitude?

    You might ask Peter Alexander via e-mail. He posts on NS from time-to-time. He\'s a Samplitude dude, so to speak. I believe a high-end version of Samplitude was used to edit the audio for the Vienna Symphonic Library. Private e-mail me if you can\'t find a contact #.

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    Re: Who uses Samplitude?

    Samplitude is an absolutely fabulous audio application. Once you get over a moderate learning curve it is extremely quick and flexible. You can cut, stretch, edit and paste with ease and the pro version has a great Room Simulator.

    However, it\'s not much of a midi app. I use Sonar for that. Audio-wise, though, I think anyone would be well pleased with Samp.

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    Re: Who uses Samplitude?

    Thanks for your input, everyone. I will contact Peter Alexander soon, when I\'ve taken a look at the demo version I\'ve just found. I wish there was an online manual to give me additional information.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Who uses Samplitude?

    The last time I looked, the website had a video that described many of Samplitude\'s features and techniques.


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