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Topic: Program change in GS3

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    Program change in GS3

    I was planning to use the program change to switch between different articulations, by assigning the same bank number to a bunch of instruments, each having a different PROG. number.

    I noticed though that when I play, say, instrum. #1 and change the program to instrum. #2, while #1 is still sounding, the latter gets cut off. This renders this method of changing articulations to uselss. Too bad! Unless I am missing something?

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    Re: Program change in GS3

    Maybe use two tracks? I think you are right, if you hold a sustained note then try to play, say, a staccato note (different articulation) under it, the program change kills the sustained note. My Kurzweil 2600 and probably other hardware synths allow the kind of change you are trying to do.

    But for most single line instruments, you'd stop the previous note before changing articulation anyway.

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    Re: Program change in GS3

    thanks Gugliel,

    too bad it doesn't work...

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    Re: Program change in GS3

    What version are you using? I think it was okay in 3.00, broken in 3.01, 3.02 and 3.03, then fixed in 3.04. At least I think they fixed it!


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    Re: Program change in GS3

    No, Jon, my 3.04 does as described above: the patch change works correctly, but it cuts off any already-sounding notes at the time of change. In one track you couldn't do a kind of Fritz Kreisler effect, playing a sustained note while plucking a left hand pizzicato.

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    Re: Program change in GS3

    Ahh. I understand.

    In the previous versions (3.01 -> 3.03) the note would keep ringing forever. In 3.04 it gets cut off at the time of the program change. That's better than leaving a note ringing, but not ideal. I would imagine that they will need to add another layer of note-on memory to solve it fully, and that wasn't in the cards for the 3.04 timeframe. Hopefully 3.05...

    Still, the cutoff is preferable to the unending note - especially for looped samples.


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    Re: Program change in GS3

    Now I also have encountered this problem in 3.04. It worked in GS2.5...definitely something they have to fix! If we all mail Tascam...


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