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Topic: Midiyoke problem

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    Midiyoke problem

    Hi all,

    I\'m in problem! I can\'t install Midiyoke.

    Is there another program out there which I can use instead of Midiyoke?

    I\'m on Win ME.

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    Re: Midiyoke problem

    The product\'s name is Marble Tools. If you search in the Sample Libs area and in the VSL forum, you will have your answer. Aparently, many non-98 users have various midiyoke problems though I understood it to be stable on ME. Oh heck, I\'m feeling so helpful this morning , I might as well do the search:

    On the VSL forum there is a straight-forward set of installation instruction by Damon for use with VSL as well.

    I will be installing Marble Tools on my ME system in the next several weeks. Let me know how it goes.

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