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Topic: Kontakt Player Output Routing in SONAR

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    Kontakt Player Output Routing in SONAR

    In the course of a thread initiated by Christoper Duncan entitled "Sonar users - how do you mix GPO?" it was apparent that not all GPO/SONAR users are aware that a single Kontakt player instance can drive up to 8 audio tracks. I posted the following information in that thread but I thought it would be worthwhile to create a separate thread for this issue.

    I realize that some of the information below is covered in the SONAR tutorial, but the tutorial doesn't describe the proper use of the Kontakt players output track feature and gives a somewhat misleading explanation on how to create separate outputs for instruments/sections. It implies that you need to create multiple instances of the player, which you do not.

    In the Kontakt player itself, you can select a different OUTPUT channel for each instrument slot.

    In the instrument configuration window in the Kontakt player--where the name of the selected instrument is displayed--in the lower right-hand corner is a little "pitchfork"-like icon to the right of which are a couple of numbers--"1/2" by default. This is actually a drop-down list of output channels. This is where you set the output channel of the instrument slot.

    Suppose, for example, you have two instruments loaded in the player, a flute in slot 1 and a bassoon in slot 2.

    On the bassoon slot, select "3/4" from this dropdown list.

    Normally, when you add a GPO player instance to the synth rack in SONAR, SONAR automatically creates 1 default audio track for the synth, which is monitoring tracks "1/2".

    Clone this audio track. Then use the drop-down list on the cloned audio track's dropdown input selector to choose which player output it should receive from. This is presented on a cascading menu, so first select the player, then select the output from the sub-menu. Choose "3/4" on this cloned track.

    Now you have two audio tracks "listening" to the single Kontakt player, but one is listening to the player's "1/2" outputs--the flute--and one is listening to its "3/4"--the bassoon.

    Each of these audio tracks can have its own effects, volumes, etc.

    Since I normally create submix busses--Reverb (wet only) and Master (to which the Reverb bus is routed), all of the synth audio tracks above are routed both to the "Master" and to the "Reverb" submix busses, not directly to the soundcard.

    The Master bus is a single point of control for overall mix volume, which is the only bus that is routed to the soundcard.

    I'm sure comparable functionality exists in CUBASE, Nuendo, Logic and other sequencers.

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    Re: Kontakt Player Output Routing in SONAR

    Yes, Bill, it works exactly the same way in Cubase VST, LE, Tracktion, etc. This is a saving grace if you mix down without exporting to audio first.

    Thanks for the very detailed walkthrough.

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