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Topic: GigaStudio Level Meters

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    GigaStudio Level Meters

    I noticed also that no matter how hard I hit my keyboard, the level meters on GigaStudio never make it beyond the 75% level. I have everything turned up to maximum on the GigaPiano channel. 127 for midi, 100% on the DSP, etc... and I can\'t get it past that level, no matter how hard I hit the hammers. Is this common? I\'m trying to find out why the quality of my GigaPiano sample is horrible.

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    Re: GigaStudio Level Meters


    I just saw this topic now though it\'s been up for awhile.

    If you are able to adjust your keyboard\'s velocity scaling you might try that- if the midi input isn\'t at high velocity levels you won\'t get high levels elsewhere, but maybe you tried this already.

    If you have a midifile that you know uses higher velocities and it makes a difference on the giga meters during playback, then you can almost figure you\'re keyboard\'s the culprit.


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    Re: GigaStudio Level Meters

    Are you talking about the meters in the midi mixer?

    They\'re registering midi velocity input.

    If they aren\'t going to 127, your velocity is being cut back somewhere.

    The old DXs, and a few newer Yamaha keyboards, had a problem where their maximum velocity was lower than 127 (maybe it was 100, I just can\'t remember).

    If your master keyboard is scaled properly, and your going through a sequencer to get to Giga, make sure the current track properties aren\'t set to limit the midi output. For example, Cubase has some velocity scaling algorithms which let you do thing like change the velocity throughput by different ratios (25,50,75,125% etc).

    If you are using a sequencer, try entering a note, editing it so that it\'s definitely playing at 127 velocity, and then see what the meter reads. This may narrow things down a bit.

    BTW, Gigapiano is now pretty \'old\' in terms of pianos which have been developed for Gigastudio, and a lot of people tend to find fault with it in the light of current sample libraries. Can I suggest listening to some of the offerings by people like Post, Bardstown and Worra? They have three or four years of development experience on top of the guy who did the debut Gigapiano, and you can really tell the difference.

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