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Topic: OT: No cursor on startup!

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    OT: No cursor on startup!

    I recently purchased a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse set. I installed everything and it worked fine. I installed the driver, and all was good. I decided to uninstall the driver, and I restarted the computer. Everything starts up fine, but there is no cursor! The keyboard also has no effect! I'm typing all this on my slave giga machine as I can't fix my main machine.

    Anybody else dealt with this before? Help!

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    Re: OT: No cursor on startup!

    Install the driver with the keyboard and mouse from your Giga computer. If the cursor doesn't come up even with a normal mouse try installing the driver in Windows Safe Mode (press F8 after BIOS checks on startup). You might get the cursor there.

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    Re: OT: No cursor on startup!

    How can I install software for my MAIN machine from my GIGA machine?

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    Re: OT: No cursor on startup!

    Aaron, usually Logitech cordless stuff is read by operating system as traditional keyboard, and it works also without drivers. This happens if you have an XP OS.

    You can do a try, under your mouse and keyboard there's a very small button, try pressing it while pressing the other button on the transmitter, more than once.


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