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Topic: GigaPiano

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    Hi all, I have GigaStudio 96 running on WinXP box. Using the GigaPiano, whether from my MIDI keyboard or the internal keyboard, doesn\'t sound anything close to the samples Tascam has for the GigaPiano. The sounds are tinny, kinda like the soundblaster internal MIDI sounds. They\'re ringy, echo\'ey and like it has some stereo phase issues. No matter when coming from the AudioPhile 2496 card, or catching direct-to-wave from within GigaStudio, it all sounds the same. Is there a fix or a patch, or is the real GigaPiano just this cheap sounding? I have Giga 2.50, WinXP w/ 512MB, 40GB Harddrive, 2.4Ghz P4.

    Please let me know so I can return this thing right away if theres no fix.

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    Re: GigaPiano

    GigaPiano is a very early Giga-based piano sample, and it has its problems, but it sounds as if you\'re having other difficulties. Many people are no longer fans of Gigapiano, but it shouldn\'t sound as bad as you describe.


    1. The ringing sounds are in the release samples. Reduce their amplitude to get them in control.

    2. You may need a low pass filter on the treble notes. (Like many piano multisamples.)

    3. The tinniness may result from the samples peaking. On the Sampler tab, try reducing the Master Attentuation. Be sure to click on Apply after making the adjustment.

    4.Click on DSP Station and Edit to adjust the reverb.

    5. You may want to repost your question on the Samples forum, where the piano developers tend to read and post.

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    Re: GigaPiano

    Thanks for the reply Jake. I actually really like the samples TASCAM had on the website... most notably \"reverie.mp3\" and made my decision to purchase soley from that sample. If I could get it to sound like that sample, I would be greatly happy. I just don\'t know if they put top-notch effects on it to make it sound like that or not. I know mine doesn\'t sound anything like it.

    I have no qualms about purchase another piano sample, but I\'m trying to verify if it is the GigaPiano, or perhaps just a setup error. Otherwise, any gig piano would sound good in their sample, then when I get it in the system, it\'ll sound like cr*p, like my GigaPiano. I\'m stuck... I don\'t know where else to look. Both the mega-piano and the gigapiano sound pretty much the same from my gigastudio. I tried placing drums in the channel and that works fine, so I know it isn\'t pulling sounds from my internal card or anything.

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    Re: GigaPiano

    Gigapiano is not my favorite but the tone from the demo is representative and easily attainable. It also shows off GP in its best light, good for them!

    If you can\'t make it sound like that easily, I think your problem is something else, midi doubling or bad sound path somewhere else or ???

    Maybe you mono-d it, it doesn\'t do that well.

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    Re: GigaPiano

    OK, here\'s a quick sample. It was done with no effects, everything at default except the MIDI volume at 127. Default install of GP that came with GigaStudio v2.50.

    I\'m telln\' ya, this doesn\'t sound good.


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    Re: GigaPiano

    Yup, that\'s what GP sounds like, it\'s not perfect for your material (maybe it\'s not perfect for anything 8^) but I think you make it sound good.

    The potential of GP brought many of us here, too bad it\'s not really that easy, but IMO GS is the right place for the best pianos.

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    Re: GigaPiano


    I too, had for quite some time, frusterations with G Piano. After hours of fussing with it, I finally got it to sound marginally acceptable but only for solo work. And even then I never got over my dissappointments with it.

    I say \'only for solo work\' because I have found GPiano to be completely unworkable with other instruments; between the combination of its ringyness and sustain problems it would always infuse so much muddiness and unclarity into a mix that the result would be just horrible.

    It\'s been at least a year now since I\'ve fooled with it but to the best of my recollection I found it most playable when using the pedal up sample and EQed the hell out of it with low pass filters. At its best though its still pretty low quality.

    After trying out loads of other samples I\'ve found the Bardstown Bosendorfer to represent the best of the best at this point. Of course peoples tastes differ and room should be allowed for that.

    In my experience, (I was in the past a piano technician) although there are vast diffrences between, say, a real Steinway, a real Bosendorfer, a real Bechstein, and a real Chickering, (using those as examples) I\'ve heard and worked on pianos from all these makers that were just absolutely gorgeous.

    To some extent this topic is about educated taste, about familiarity. I personally greatly prefer the sound of a medium sized Steinway to any other. But in my opinion, there is not a sample on the market that does justice to that particular instrument. A real Bosendorfer is not my favorite piano. But the Bardstown Bose comes closest to sounding like ANY real piano, regardless of what brand, in my continuing search.
    Good luck in yours,

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    Re: GigaPiano

    Hi Sam, Jim and All, thanks for all the responses. I\'ve tweaked my setup a little for the GigaPiano so here\'s an updated sample.

    Believe in Me... Copyright 2003. Ron Tan

    Sorry if the playing is a little rough, I just made this song up a few minutes ago. Enjoy!

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    Re: GigaPiano

    rtan, perhaps your problem is far simpler; perhaps you\'re experiencing MIDI feedback. If your MIDI input device is routed through a patchbay, for instance, and your interface card is also connected to the patchbay, a configuration problem could be causing MIDI data to go from your keyboard thru the patchbay to the computer, back out via the PC\'s MIDI Out to the patch bay and then back in to the computer, restriking the note on top of the one playing. The result sounds an awful lot like what you described in your original post.

    Check this by choosing a sample with a known number of voices--for intance, a single stereo sample with no layers (i.e. don\'t use one of the GOS EXP string samples). Look at GS\' voice-o-meter. When playing one note of a stereo sample, you should see only 2 voices on the voice-o-meter. If you\'re seeing four or more per single note, look VERY carefully at your MIDI routing.

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